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Because of the drones weight – over 25kg – and the fact you will be applying agrichemicals by air you need a 102 Certificate. To get this you need to get yourself an exposition which is basically a manual that states how you will run your company. We can help with this as we have partners who are experts in their field and can get you an exposition tailored to your needs.

Once this exposition is written it then needs to be approved by CAA. You will also need a pilots chemical rating, a 102 ground and practical course and assessment and lastly an agricultural rating. It is not as daunting as it all sounds and we can help you through every step of the way! For all of the above you can expect to pay between $6000 and $10,000 and for the process to take about 12 months.

Drones, helicopters, and ground application all have their own place but they cannot be directly compared as they act in totally different fashions. Our aircraft don’t require the high water rates of conventional equipment due to well placed nozzles and the effect the downwash has on spray. We have certainly found this ourselves comfortably dropping water rates below traditional methods whilst still getting great results. Drones are a very high precision solution to your weed problem. Traditional methods often are not and so need higher water and chemical rates in order to counteract their lack of precision. Airborne Solutions also works closely to ensure their chemical applications  and specifically the adjuvants they use are right for the task.

Batteries comfortably last one and sometimes two full spray loads. With a 9KVA generator three  chargers and six batteries  you will have no downtime waiting for batteries to charge. You can fully charge each battery at least 500 times before it needs replacing. Some manufacturers claim they can do many more but in reality 500 is a good safe number. As batteries get older you are risking your asset in the air and the people or property around the aircraft.

The answer to this question can vary hugely dependant on what you want to achieve with your aircraft. If you are a farmer who just wants to do the basics on their own farm then the price will be comparatively less than a contractor who wants to earn a living out of operating their aircraft and offer every service it is capable of. We advise you get in touch and briefly explain the tasks you want to achieve and we can send you a quote with what we think is required for you.

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