XAG Farming Automation

High Precision Spray and Seed Application

Precision Spraying and Seeding

Too wet for a ground rig? Too tight for a helicopter? Want to eliminate crop damage? We can help. The P100 Pro Spray Drone combined with our mapping machine the M500, is your ultimate weed control and seed application tool in the sky.   

We have bases in Hawkes-Bay & Wanaka for our own services, but can connect you nationwide to our customers to get you a service close to home.

How does it work?

We would meet you on site to identify the target areas and map them into our XAG one software. There are multiple ways to map a field - either via satellite, handheld rover or our small drone.

We analyse the high definition map and work with you to identify areas you want treated and areas you want avoided.

When the weather is right we come on site and do the work treating only the exact areas you want treated to centimetre accuracy.

Don't be fooled by the size of these machines, no job is too big or too small for us. From gorse in the back blocks to high value crops on the plains we cover it all. We can swarm 2 machines per operator for large blocks or send one out low and slow for highly sensitive areas.

Why choose us?

With our drones and robots being battery powered we have very low emissions when compared to conventional application methods.

No need to lose profit in creating tramlines or destroying crops. Our drones operate over the crop. No getting stuck in the air!

Have to work around stock? Lifestyle dwellings? We operate close to the ground so as not to disturb neighbours.

As drones get bigger and more productive we are one of the few industries where our service price is going down. Price depends on the job but we can cover broad acre work for as little as $60/ha and cover 15 hectares per hour.

Great Coverage – The P100 Pro design, specifically the nozzle configuration, was built solely with spraying in mind. The downwash from the aircraft and its well-placed CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) nozzles push the treatment into the plant, providing excellent coverage and limiting water requirements.

The CDA nozzles on the P100 allow a selectable droplet size of 60 – 500 microns – perfect for any job or weather conditions.

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