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Innovative Agricultural Drones NZ

Advancing the agricultural sector in New Zealand through innovation is our number one goal. We achieve this by using the latest automation technology and continually evolve our system to stay at the forefront of Aerial Application. We are the original distributor for XAG  products and we operate what we sell.



Spraying and Seeding Drones and Ground Vehicles

We seek to support and provide high quality, innovative products for the future of our farmers. As the only company to both operate and sell these aircraft and ground vehicles we know them inside out. 

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Innovative XAG Drones

Aerial Agriculture Services

Advancing the agricultural sector in New Zealand through innovation is the most important goal of our organisation. We seek to support and provide high quality, innovative products for the future of our country.

High Precision Spraying and Seeding

The aircraft built by XAG are perfectly suited to both seeding and spraying. Seeding is typically done at a light rate so the XAG drones are perfect for the job. Covering well over 10 hectares per hour it is an efficient and cost saving way to cover the ground when compared to other methods. The P100 Pro is a new revolution in spraying with it’s large capacity and high spray output.

XAG Product Sales and Support

We thought the XAG system was so advanced and well suited to the environment and challenges here in New Zealand we have become the local distributor for XAG products. Contact us to talk more about what we can offer you or to hear about our next demonstration day.

Why Choose Us

What makes us different?

Industry Knowledge

We are very experienced in the aerial spraying industry and know the challenges our operators face and what customers expect.

Purpose built

XAG is one of the only UAV companies to have one sole focus, that being the agricultural industry. This leads to a very high quality spray drone.


We are always a phone call away for advice on a spray application technique or technical help with your aircraft.


XAG aircraft are purposefully built in modules allowing for easy repair by the pilot. No need to send the aircraft back to us for servicing.


Airborne solutions makes it a priority to keep up with technology and adapt new and innovative uses for drones.


We enjoy forming a relationship with our customers and watching them succeed in their new business or on their farm.


Has been great to have Scotty provide his drone services, with great comms and flexibility. Would highly recommend Scotty and the Airborne Solutions team to anyone looking at drones as an avenue for fert and/or pesticide applications.
Hawkes-Bay Viticulturist
I recently purchased a spray drone from Airborne Solutions, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. What sets Airborne Solutions apart is their outstanding customer support & knowledge. Throughout the entire process, they were there to answer any questions I had and offer guidance. I highly recommend Airborne Solutions to anyone in need of an Agricultural spray drone or drone spraying & spreading services.
Highly recommend Airborne solutions, it's a top team with perfect service, not just a "drone selling company" but also with perfect after sales support. When you need Scotty or Bayden for help they will make sure the problem get's solved asap.
Has been great working with Scott and Bayden. They have supplied a quality product and high quality advice and experience to go with it. Would highly recommend.

Frequently asked questions

Good question! Because of the drone’s weight – over 25kg – and the fact you will be applying agrichemicals by air, you need a 102 Certificate. To get this, you need to create an exposition, which is essentially a manual that outlines how you will run your company. We can help with this, as we have partners who are experts in their field and can provide you with an exposition tailored to your needs.

Once this exposition is written, it needs to be approved by CAA. You will also need a pilot’s chemical rating, a 102 ground and practical course and assessment, and lastly, an agricultural rating. It is not as daunting as it all sounds, and we can help you through every step of the way! For all of the above, you can expect to pay around $10,000, and the process typically takes about 12 months.

Drones, helicopters, and ground application all have their own place, but they cannot be directly compared as they act in totally different fashions. Our aircraft don’t require the high water rates of conventional equipment, thanks to well-placed nozzles and the effect the downwash has on the spray. We have certainly found this ourselves, comfortably dropping water rates below conventional methods while still achieving great results. Drones offer a very high-precision solution to your weed problem. Traditional methods often lack precision, requiring higher water and chemical rates to compensate for their imprecision.

Batteries comfortably last one, and sometimes two, full spray loads. With a 7.5KVA generator, two chargers, and three batteries, you will have absolutely zero downtime waiting for batteries to charge. You can fully charge each battery at least 200 times before it needs replacing. Some manufacturers claim they can do many more, but in reality, 200 is a good safe number. Any more, and you are risking your asset in the air and the people or property around the aircraft.

The answer to this question can vary hugely depending on what you want to achieve with your aircraft. If you are a farmer who just wants to do the basics on their own farm, then the price will be comparatively less than a contractor who wants to earn a living out of operating their aircraft and offer every service it is capable of. We advise you to get in touch and briefly explain the tasks you want to achieve, and we can send you a quote with what we think is required for you.

Good question – the answer varies. Because we have been using the machines daily for a few years now, we can say one thing – they are getting better all the time. For flat land spraying at 30 litres per hectare, we cover around 10 hectares per hour. For orchard spraying at 100 litres per hectare, we can cover around 5 hectares per hour. As for fertilizer – once set up on high rates (200+kg/ha), we can get through well over one tonne per hour – a load every two minutes. For jobs more spread out and lower rates, we do about 500kg or a little more per hour. These machines really are built for efficiency and are impressive to watch.

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Our Goal

Since the founding of Airborne Solutions we have been committed to adding an innovative and high precision approach to the agricultural application industry. We have been involved in both aerial and ground application for over 14 years and see XAG as being the future of precision application in New Zealand.

Airborne Solutions LTD is proud to offer both a high quality spraying and spreading service as well as sales and support of XAG Drones and Ground Vehicles.

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