One Billion Trees


Airborne Solutions has been working hard to come up with a unique solution for a massive problem.

Behind the scenes over the summer with help from Coldicraft, our sharp engineer, we have developed a system to custom spray between 70 and 1500 small spots per hectare. Depending on what you want to plant, whether it be native plants at 800 spots per hectare or poplars at 70 we can do it. In the past it has been up to the human eye to estimate the desired stocking per hectare, but with our new system if a farmer wants 70 spots he gets 70 spots. He can then order 70 poplar poles and plant away. He knows he won’t run out and he knows he won’t have too many.

This task is perfect for drones as there is simply no other way for it to be completed. We are refining the system as we speak but will be ready for a busy Autumn ahead!

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