Introducing the all new V40

The V40 is almost here! This revolutionary Ag Drone is not far off the shores of New Zealand.

The V40 is an entirely new breed of spray drone set to really make an impact on the future of disease and pest control in New Zealand. This machine has been redesigned from the ground up with one mission in mind and that is crop and weed spraying and spreading. As with all things XAG the build quality is exceptional and the innovation shown in the design is second to none.

A few of the new features include a forward facing radar for more accurate contour flying – an absolute must for the New Zealand environment. It also has bigger pumps allowing for a flow rate of up to 10 litres per minute. The unique tilt rotor system will produce droplets that range from 95 right up to 400 micron. Perfect for cutting in sensitive boundaries or areas where drift is potentially an issue.

Because of the aircrafts two propeller design 100% of the prop wash propels the chemical down and through the crop canopy increasing coverage compared to traditional quad copter designs. The two prop design also increases the aircraft’s swath width. With a 10 litre/minute pump and a 10m swath – you do the math – this machine is built to tackle hectares.

At present the V40 is still an international model – meaning the APP is still Chinese and the aircraft is not available in an “offline model.” Our partners in Australia are working closely with XAG China to get the English offline model up and running and we are expecting it to hit our shores in Autumn 2022!

Jump on over to our “Products” page to see a full rundown of the V40 specs.

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